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Ridge Creek Global is a boutique firm founded by Kathi Chapman, CFA, CPWA®, a US Navy veteran, making Ridge Creek Global one of the few majority female and veteran owned investment firms in Ohio. She leveraged her institutional connections and knowledge to offer smaller institutions and high new worth families access to top managers and unique investment strategies. For over thirty years, Ridge Creek Global has developed durable strategic plans and consistently implement those plans with the flexibility to make changes as events unfolded.  At our core, we are analysts. Our team’s analytical backgrounds are based on over a century of experience in the investment industry. Our leadership team is experienced, diverse and driven

Kathleen K. Chapman
Founder and CEO

Kathleen Chapman, CFA, CPWA® CEO and Founder is a US Navy veteran with over 25 years in the alternative investment space, beginning with her endowment experience as Director of Investments and Assistant Treasurer at Case Western Reserve University.  She started her career with a family office where she specialized in developing investment strategies for families and foundations. Founding Ridge Creek Global opened opportunities for further knowledge, and through a variety of investment strategies and continuing education, she expanded her perspective of the energy markets.


Kathi has broad experience in a wide range of asset classes, both private and public. She has considerable experience in wealth management issues including designing and implementing investment strategies in a variety of environments. She has worked extensively with investment committees, investment managers, attorneys, not for profit staff and trustees, and financial institutions.

William N. Chapman
Co-Chief Investment Officer

William Chapman, CFA, Co-Chief Investment Officer, has been involved in energy research for almost 50 years. He has a deep and unique knowledge and perspective on the transitioning of the industry, having started as an energy industry analyst at The Cleveland Trust Company in the 1970s.  He continued his work when The Cleveland Trust Company transitioned to Victory Capital Management, the investment division of Key Bank, and was responsible for almost $40 billion in assets.  Since then, he has continued his energy focus and broadened his knowledge to include the alternative energy sector among others.  Bill has broad experience in a wide range of market environments; as well as a keen understanding of strategic issues impacting investment valuations.

Alexander S. Chapman
President & Co-Chief Investment Officer
Emily J. Masters
Chief Compliance Officer

Alex Chapman, President and Co-Chief Investment Officer, developed the Carbon Neutral Strategy with a focus on alternative energy technology.  He has been with the firm for over 10 years having graduated from University of Richmond with a degree in Finance.  Over the past decade he has worked to develop an expertise in the energy industry.  Currently he has developed a focus on the fuel cell, battery and hydrogen industries and is a sought-after energy expert in those areas. 

​Alex is currently a member of the Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition, the Petroleum Club of Houston, and is chair of the Economic Growth and Environment Committee at the Union Club of Cleveland.

Emily is the Chief Compliance Officer for the firm and is Director of Operations responsible for running the operations ranging from technology relationships, interfaces and software and compliance monitoring and processes.

​Emily earned a BA from Denison University. She spent five years with the Utah Geological Survey before joining our firm in 2012. Her background in geology informs her knowledge as a materials analyst for lithium, geothermal, and fossil fuels.

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