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The strategy aims to gain long-term capital appreciation from investing in a rapidly expanding carbon neutral energy ecosystem with a pragmatic investment focus on any and all pathways to a carbon neutral world.

Sillouette of Wind Turbine

Our strategy focuses on investing in a broad range of companies that are innovating, building and investing in carbon neutral energy focusing on reducing carbon emissions. The companies are investing in both current carbon neutral solutions and ones that will become carbon neutral in the future and doing so while maintaining economic growth that protects the quality of life. Some of these companies are still engaging in activities that currently generate carbon, but are working towards the carbon neutral goal.

Electric Car Battery Charging

The strategy covers a wide range of industries, including solar, wind and fuel cells and also those building out the grid of the future, such as utilities and end users demanding carbon neutral energy including major technology companies. To manage the risk of the portfolio we take an approach of having a balance of mature, slower growing strong cash flow generating companies with smaller fast growing companies working toward generating cash flow in the future.

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